A Comprehensive Guide to Ark Investments

Founded by Cathie Wood in 2014, Ark Investments has quickly become one of the most successful and innovative investment firms in the market today. With a focus on disruptive technologies and long-term investments, Ark Investments has captured the attention of investors and analysts alike. In this article, we will dive into what exactly Ark Investments is, their investment strategies, and why they have become such a prominent name in the world of finance.

The History of Ark Investments and its Founder

What is Ark Investments A Comprehensive Guide

Background of Cathie Wood

Cathie Wood, the founder and CEO of Ark Investments, has had an impressive career in finance. She started off as an economist at Jennison Associates before moving to Tupelo Capital Management as chief economist and chief investment officer. In 2001, she joined AllianceBernstein as the chief investment officer of global thematic strategies, where she managed over $5 billion in assets. After more than a decade in traditional finance, Wood decided to start her own firm focused on disruptive technologies and innovation – thus, Ark Investments was born.

The Formation of Ark Investments

In 2014, Cathie Wood founded Ark Investments with headquarters in New York City. At the time, the company only had four employees and managed around $25 million in assets. However, due to their unique investment approach and early bets on companies like Tesla, Netflix, and Amazon, Ark Investments saw tremendous growth in a short period of time. As of June 2021, the company manages over $50 billion in assets and has over 100 employees.

Investment Strategies of Ark Investments

Focused on Disruptive Technologies

Ark Investments takes a different approach to investing compared to traditional firms. Their main focus is on disruptive technologies that have the potential to transform industries and change the way we live. These include areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, DNA sequencing, and more. Ark believes that these technologies will have a significant impact on our daily lives and will be the driving force of future economic growth.

Long-Term Investing

Unlike many other investment firms, Ark Investments takes a long-term approach to investing. They believe in the potential of their chosen companies and are willing to hold onto them for years, even through market volatility. This is reflected in their low turnover rate, with an average holding period of five years.

Actively Managed ETFs

One of the most distinctive features of Ark Investments is their use of actively managed exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Unlike traditional ETFs that simply track an index, actively managed ETFs have a team of experienced fund managers who actively choose and manage the underlying assets. This allows for a more dynamic and hands-on approach to investing.

The Key Funds of Ark Investments

Ark Innovation ETF (ARKK)

The flagship fund of Ark Investments, ARKK, has gained significant attention due to its impressive returns. Launched in 2014, ARKK invests in companies that are poised to benefit from disruptive technology such as Tesla, Square, and Teladoc. As of June 2021, the fund has generated a return of over 600% since its inception.

Ark Genomic Revolution ETF (ARKG)

ARKG focuses on companies that are involved in the field of genomics, including gene therapy, genomic sequencing, and gene editing. With the rise of personalized medicine, this fund has attracted many investors looking to capitalize on the potential of this industry. Since its launch in 2014, ARKG has returned over 900%.

Ark Next Generation Internet ETF (ARKW)

Launched in 2014, ARKW invests in companies at the forefront of internet technologies such as cloud computing, e-commerce, and digital entertainment. Some of the top holdings include Amazon, Square, and Twitter. ARKW has generated a return of over 600% since its inception.

Ark Autonomous Technology & Robotics ETF (ARKQ)

ARKQ focuses on companies involved in the development and production of autonomous vehicles, drones, and other robotic technologies. With the growing interest in these industries, ARKQ has seen a surge in popularity and has returned over 400% since its launch in 2014.

Ark Fintech Innovation ETF (ARKF)

Launched in 2019, ARKF invests in companies that are transforming the financial industry through innovation and technology. This includes areas such as digital wallets, blockchain technology, and peer-to-peer lending. As of June 2021, ARKF has provided a return of over 100%.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ark Investments

How does Ark Investments choose its investments?

Ark Investments uses a top-down approach to identify disruptive technologies and then conducts extensive research to find companies that they believe will have a significant impact in those areas. They also consider factors such as market potential, competitive landscape, and management teams before making investment decisions.

What is the minimum investment for Ark Investment funds?

The minimum investment amount for all of Ark’s actively managed ETFs is $1,000.

Is Ark Investments solely focused on technology?

While technology is their main focus, Ark Investments also invests in other areas such as healthcare, financial services, and energy, as long as they see potential for disruptive innovation and growth.

How does Ark Investments manage risk?

Ark Investments diversifies its portfolio across different industries and asset classes, which helps mitigate risk. Additionally, they actively monitor and adjust their positions based on market conditions and new information.

Can I purchase individual stocks recommended by Ark Investments?

No, Ark Investments only offers actively managed ETFs. However, through these ETFs, investors indirectly own shares of the companies recommended by Ark.


Ark Investments is a disruptive and innovative investment firm that has attracted attention for its unique approach to investing. With their focus on disruptive technologies, long-term outlook, and actively managed ETFs, they have achieved impressive returns and gained recognition in the finance world. As they continue to identify and invest in companies at the forefront of innovation, it will be exciting to see where Ark Investments will go in the future.


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